Do it yourself: invitations for bridesmaids + maids

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Maids are not a must – and yet they are usually just for the bride and groom. The job can be a challenge and is a great honor, because in the question “Do you want to be my maid of honor?” Is also the message: In one of the most beautiful and important moments of my life I would like to have you by my side!

Do you want to be my maid of honor?

Reason enough to pack this question nicely, as a small surprise – for the men with shot, for the girls with a big bang: wedding photographer Annie Rohse has prepared two easy DIYs with which you teach your mourners how much your support means.

You need:
Box (about 30 x 30 cm)
solid white paper
Glitter cardboard
safety pin
Masking Tape

Embossing machine, motif punch
Scissors, punch, funnel, glue pencil, pencil, card, glass

Use a business card as a template for the question card and cut it from solid white paper. Cut the text with the embossing machine, cut it and stick it on the card – for example: “Do you want to be my maid of honor?”

Decorate the card with mini-punches in heart or star shape as desired, roll up and stick with masking tape.

Fill the confetti and the rolled card with the funnel into the balloon. Balloon inflate (so big that it fits in the box).

Cut out a circle from a cardboard (take a glass to help). Use a round motif punch to punch out white paper and fix it with glue on the glitter cardboard. Then stick the “Pop me” label on the balloon.

Balloon, more confetti and safety pin into the box. The box can be decorated with other messages, for example: “I could not say I do not want you” or “Welcome to my bride tribe”.

To decorate the outside of the box to Llust and mood, for example with the initial letter of the first name of the maid of honor. Simply print the letter in A4 format, cut it out and place it as a template on the glitter cardboard. To do this, punch out small starlets or little hearts and stick them on.

Loop around the box bind, done!

A little bit of information makes you curious: “Now it’s my turn to pop the question!”

Do you want to be part of my Best Men crew?

Now to the men! For the surprise with shot you need:

wood boxes
small liquor bottles
Scissors, adhesive

Download the template (download here!) And place the first page inside the lid of the wooden box.

Cover the box with silk paper, place the glass and bottle inside.

Fold the second side of the original twice and place it on the cover of the box (glue if necessary).

Close the box and tie it with a bundle. Finished!

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